Edible Music 

2021 -2022

In collaboration with Michael Sinisterra Munoz

Video Concerto for Chef, Soprano, Instruments and electronics. Instrumentation: Soprano, Flute, Accordion, Cello, Violin, Percussions, Electronics and Video

Magikal Charm Film Festival 2022.
In The spirit of Unification Award


41st Thomas Edison Film Festival.
Director’s Choice Award

Co-composition, Performance, Direction:
Jean Michael Sinisterra Munoz 

Cinematography: Federica Marchese

Soprano: Pia Davila

Schallfeld Ensemble
Elisa Azzarà Flute
Manuel Alcaraz Clement Percussion
Lorenzo Derinni Violin
Myriam García Fidalgo Cello
Davide Gagliardi Recording

Camera and lighting assistant: Roberto Pio Di Monte

Color Grading: Denise Pace

Master: Lorenzo Pesci

Titles: Simone Karl

A performer, while he prepares a complete meal, produces the main musical material of the composition. All the cooking passages required to prepare the dish define the musical form of the entire piece. The chef, therefore, becomes also a solo musician, who builds a dialogue with the instrumental ensemble. He never improvises, but he moves and produces every sound according to a choreographic score created by himself and the composer.

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