The Cooking Show

Work in progress

Concerto for Chef, Ensemble and Electronics.

Duration of the video: 6/7 minutes

Performer: Jean Michael Sinisterra Munoz

Schallfeld Ensemble: Flute, Accordion, Percussions, Violin and Cello.

Video: Federica Marchese

The Cooking Show is a Concerto for Chef, Instruments and Live Electronics in form of music video. A performer, while he will prepare a complete meal, will produce the main musical material of the composition. In the other side, all the cooking passages required to prepare the dish will define the musical form of the entire piece. The chef, therefore, will become also a solo musician, who will build a dialogue with the instrumental ensemble. He will be not improvising, but he will move and produce every sound according to a choreographic score written by the composer.

The instruments of the ensemble sometimes will imitate – trough extended techniques – the sounds present in the kitchen, other times they will play a proper accompanying music as seen in cooking demonstration videos. Therefore, the instrumental part will draw melodic fragments that will continuously transform themselves into environmental noises and vice- versa.

The sounds produced by the performer will constitute also the electronic part, which will be inspired by ASMR (auto sensory meridian response) videos. In these films ASMRartists touch in a gentle way specific objects in order to produce soft sounds and to induce to the listener a tingling sensation. As it happens with the instrumental textures, also in this case the recorded sounds will continuously fluctuate between in-harmonic noises and harmonic frequencies thanks to convolution effects and resonant filters.

“The Cooking Show: the Appetizer” is conceived as a Study for a bigger theatre/video music piece which will stage an entire dinner preparation. In particular, here the performer/chef will prepare a fried prawn in a bed of steamed broccoli roman style seasoned with a distillate of herbs and lemon.

Lorenzo Romano Composer
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