Time killer


For Ensemble and a Stereo Cassette

Duration: 9 min.

Notes: Piece dedicated to the musicians of Schallfeld Ensemble

First performance: 18.6.2014, Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

Other Performances: 17.2.2015, impuls festival, Graz
Schallfeld Ensemble

The core of this work is an audio-cassette that contains different low-fidelity sounds such as a recording of two unsynchronized wall clocks, ring bell and alarms, a piece of the song “The man I love” by G. Gershwin sung by Billie Holyday, speaking voices token from politics TV talk show and from movies. These different sources find their point of contact in my everyday experience: all these elements have contributed to distract me when I was trying to write music in my flat in Graz. We can easily say that the right interpretation of the title of this piece, Time Killer, is represented by the expression “wasting of time”. Another important sound that I use in this work is the one of the fan of my laptop, represented here by different variety of coins turning inside air balloons. All this elements, connect with each other at different levels either formal either of sound quality, contribute to build this ensemble piece.

Elisa Azzarà (Flute)
Szilárd Benes (Clarinet)
Matej Bunderla (Saxophone)
Maria Flavia Cerrato (Piano)
Lorenzo Derinni (Violin)
Myriam García Fidalgo (Cello)
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka (Contrabass)

Leonhard Garms (Conductor)

Lorenzo Romano Composer

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