…e’l trasmutar sembiante


For Orchestra

Year: 2010-2012

Duration: 11 minutes

First performance: 3.4.2012, Orchestra Conservatory “Luigi Cherubini” of Florence conducted by Paolo Ponziano Ciardi

… e’l trasmutar sembiante nourishes itself by a living and iridescent sound. A sound full of noise and elements that evoke an extra-musical world. A sound that develops itself throughout obstinate repetitions and variations intended as deformations. Already in its harmonic fundament we can observe this process: the whole composition is based on two chords taken from two harmonic series which, throughout some operations of distortions obtained with a software called Open Music, become more and more similar, reaching a deformed and “transmuted” nature.

The title of the composition , … e’l trasmutar sembiante, is taken from Paradise Canto V by Dante Alighieri. It can suggest a possible image and a key to interpretation. This piece it can be seen as a big clockwork machine which, trough obsessive repetitions at different speeds, deforms and “transmutes” its melodic profiles.

Lorenzo Romano Composer

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